Top 7 tips to spring clean your life


The winter is nearing an end (yes, really it is!) and it’s time to think about spring cleaning… and we’re not talking dusting and vacuuming!

 We hate clutter at Little Women, whether it’s a lingerie drawer full of old saggy, greying knickers and less than supportive bras or a cluttered mind that can’t chill out. Life is busy and the human propensity to buy too much ‘stuff’ instead of quality goods that last ages, (like our lingerie!) means one thing – overflowing drawers, wardrobes and cupboards. Busy lives juggling work, kids, family and home mean cluttered chaotic minds. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

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So, breathe. Slow down a little. You’re going to clean out the cupboards, de-clutter the mind and feel an increasing sense of well-being and freedom as you dump the disorder. Just follow our life hacks for calm, clean, clutter-free living.

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I know my favourite Little Women bra is in this lot somewhere……

  • Home Organisers – de-clutter your home

Does the ironing board clump you in the face every time you open the cupboard door? Do you commence daily battle with your wardrobe doors as your clothes seek to escape? Then you need a home organiser. There are loads of companies that offer a professional and discrete service (that means they won’t laugh and point at your hoarding). Try who say: “De-cluttering is identified as a priority for many, but the reality is a lot of people run out of time or have very little desire and energy to tackle such projects.” Exactly. And life’s too short, so let’s pay the professionals then we’ll have made an investment in keeping it that way!

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Don’t panic! You can do it!

  • Get feel good endorphins – detox the mind

We know you lead busy lives but really, an hour three times a week to clear your head of all thoughts and concentrate on the body will do you the world of good, and get the happy endorphins flowing. Little Women has a global customer base so we suggest trying who are in 16 countries. They’ve the usual gym offering, but also a massive choice of fitness classes from yoga to legs, bums and tums classes…. No, that isn’t walking to a cake shop, sitting down and eating cake!

 Are you a gym bunny or about to join a gym? Read our sports bra blog

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It’s in here somewhere… I’m sure of it!

  • Don’t carry the clutter with you – clean out your handbag

We’ve all done it. Our mobile rings; it’s that important call we’ve been waiting for. We start to rummage in our cluttered handbag. Out come the used hankies, that broken lipstick with bits of grit and fluff stuck all over it, the cough sweet from last winter’s flu now superglued to its wrapper…. Oh, except for the tiny bit that oozed out and is now all over your fingers. If going through you handbag is akin to get your hands tarred and feathered then it’s time to get a new bag. www.taylorandjackson have the perfect mix of bags (by that we mean artisan designer bags at reasonable prices) and organisers to keep them clutter-free. Nobody wants a handbag like the one in the Senokot advert! Ergh.

If your mind rambles on, then it’s time for a good walk!

  • Do whatever makes you feel good – well-being for well minds

We’re not talking DIY… this is all about seeking whatever makes you feel good. It could be yoga, it could be self-hypnosis it could just be walking and communing with nature. Check out who say: The Ramblers is a charity whose goal is to protect the ability of people to enjoy the sense of freedom and benefits that come from being outdoors on foot.” There’s a whole world of nature out there that - no pun intended - will blow away the mental and physical cobwebs. Go on, get out there!

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 Spoil the child, ruin the play room! – de-clutter and donate toys

OK so it’s not exactly an old adage, but who cares? The fact is these days kids have so many toys they can’t possibly play with them all. Grab a couple of storage boxes, mark one ‘charity’ the other ‘play with later’ and get filling the boxes. Take one box to Barnardos or Save the Children charity shops who are certain to make good use of them, any charity shop in fact will welcome clean, unbroken toys or even sell them on Ebay and donate the cash to charity. Put the ‘play with later’ box away in your freshly de-cluttered cupboard and get it out two months later and present to your kid/s – and hey presto, it’s like Christmas all over again! Can we just say: it is mean to wrap them up on Xmas/birthday wrap and actually give them as presents. Note to self!

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So, remember: a clean and clutter-free life is the path to zen and freedom…. And a dirty mind is the way to the sexiest lingerie around! You’re in the right place, ladies, on both counts!

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By Kelly Rogers

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