Top 7 podcasts you need on your device – now!

Top 7 podcasts you need on your device – now!

The Little Women style team are massive fans of podcasts. We find that without the medium of visuals or video to interrupt the though-provoking flow, that podcasts often reach into the deepest, darkest recesses of our brains and spark the most brilliant ideas. And, with a broad in spectrum of podcasts on everything from career to health and fitness, lifestyle and relationships, pop culture, travel, well-being to food, drink, music and fashion, (to name just a few topics) there’s something to inspire any and every aspect of modern woman, in all her glory.

So, we’ve pinned back our ears and engaged our commodious brains to bring you our pick of the very best, most sage-like, uber-motivating and educating lifestyle podcasts for ladies. Happy listening!

the food chain podcast

Best healthy eating and food awareness podcast

We at Little Women never advocate crash diets or unhealthy body images – with us it’s all about body confidence and staying healthy! The Food Chain is an award-winning podcast from the BBC World Service (and no, that doesn’t mean it’s dull!) and covers everything you need to know about the food we buy and eat. From convenience foods that are negatively affecting our health, economy and the planet to global food trends on every food group imaginable, coupled with the research and broadcasting expertise you would expect of the BBC, this is literally an abundant cornucopia of foodie facts. Nom nom!

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Radio Headspace - podcast

Radio Headspace  - a podcast for mental positivity and can-do attitude

Best women’s motivational & meditation podcast

Radio Headspace offers fabulously motivational podcasts on everything from life and death to meditation and mental positivity. Now, stay with us here…. This is no overdone esoteric clap-trap, but real science. With doctors and even a resident neuroscientist explaining why we put things off, suffer crisis of confidence and over-think stuff to advice on dealing with life and death issues, Radio Headspace is the Gandalf of podcasting and sager than a stuffed chicken. Now, ommm everyone!

Best fashion podcast

So, we may be a little biased, but we LOVE the US import podcast, Lingerie Stories tops our fashion podcast list. Featuring interviews and guest hosts, the podcast aims to explore the connection between intimate apparel and women (and men) of all ages and perspectives. We also couldn’t mention fashion podcasts without a nod to another great American offering, Pop Fashion; hosted by Lisa and Kaarin, this podcast is for fashionistas who want their fashion news hot off the press, with a healthy dollop of insight and opinion from this sharp-witted duo.

Best pop-culture podcast

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have clocked the rapid rise of journalist pals Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. Both voices for the millennial generation, their popular podcast, The High Low, looks at the week’s news (high-brow and low-brow, hence the name) and dives into a bit of chatty analysis. It’s accessible, intelligent, funny and engaging. Perfect for the morning commute, or when you need a bit of a pop-culture pep! 

Best podcast for giggles

We all need a little light relief sometimes, and this podcast from seasoned comic, DJ and self-proclaimed pod-cat, Adam Buxton, is just that. His podcast is packed with hilarious, silly jingles that will make you LOL in public, and feature interviews with a real variety of people – from comedians and writers, to actors and activists – topics range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and often surprisingly sensitive. If you’re a 90s gal, you’ll know him has half of the Adam & Joe show, and later from BBC 6 Music.

podrunner podcast

Best music podcast

Of course, there’s a plethora of ways to listen to music online. But Podrunner chooses its grooves to get you on the move, and when we say move we mean really moving!  Podrunner features nonstop, high-energy workout mixes that are perfect for power walking, jogging, running, spinning, elliptical, aerobics, running for the bus, taking the stairs instead of the escalator or lift and any other tempo-based forms of exercise. And the best thing? No ads to interrupt your listening. An iTunes award-winner six years in a row it can’t be beaten… not even at a sprint!

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savage lovecast

His advice sometimes lives up to his name!

Best love and relationship podcast

Love - it’s a minefield… a minefield in quick sand! Just when you think you’ve found Prince Charming, along comes that sinking feeling when you realise he has all the conversation of a mime artist and is less than explosive in the bedroom. Savage Lovecast leaves nothing unsaid, no subject is taboo and for us ladies to hear from a bloke how other blokes think is an insight truly worth having. Tune in to the weekly call-in advice session for some frequently ‘savage’, yet straightforward and often hilarious advice – it makes us laugh… and cry.

So, that’s our pick but why not tell us on our Facebook or Twitter pages what your favourite podcasts are. Tell is in the most humourous tones possible why you like them and how they’ve helped (or hindered) you and we might just feature them in later blogs.

By Kelly Rogers

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