Keeping Your Bras Fresh In-between Washes - Your LW Guide

Freshly Sweet, Baked Goods;, Fresh Laundry, Freshly Cut Grass... We love smells and is there anything better than opening a drawer with your lovely delicates in and smelling fresh, clean linen, your favourite essential oil or your favourite perfume.
As we know, we aren’t to wash our bras after every use as this negatively impacts the quality of your chosen bra but, for many of us, this can feel somewhat wrong so, we have devised some clever tips for you to keep them all smelling fresher for longer!
  • Organza Bags – These little beauties are your best friend. Take an organza bag and fill it with your favourite Fabric Softening Beads or a few Lavender seeds. Instant drawer freshener!
  • If you have any, a few drops of an essential oil onto a cotton square or some old crafting felt placed inside your Organza bag will work just as effectively. If you want to know more about Essential oils and the benefits they have, see our blog post here.
  • Tumble Dryer Sheets – You heard right. Place a couple of these in your drawer and the scent carries on for what feels like ages!
  • Don’t have any of the above? I’ve found myself in this particular quandary before too. Take a facecloth and submerge this in fabric softener and leave the dry. Once dry, place at the bottom of your drawer and line up your lovely bras over the top!
If they don’t work… give your bra a good clean using our Soak cleaner 
So there you are! These tips will keep you going on the busy, hectic weeks. If you would like to know more about washing and caring for your lingerie, click here 
LW x