The Push-Up Bra:

The Push-Up bra.

We’ve all heard of it; heck, we probably own one. They are helpful little numbers that can boost our confidence. Yet, on the flip side, not everyone will share this pro-push up perspective. Added cleavage or the feeling of being ‘exposed’ by the effect of your bra are elements of the push-up bra that many women dislike, and this trend in the fashion world scares the life out of them.

In May 2016, The Telegraph published an article claiming that the ‘push-up bra (had) fallen out of fashion’, stating that cleavage on show was becoming a no-go. According to Cosmopolitan, 2016 was the year of the ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign, and with the likes of the Kardashians leaving their bras at home, it is no wonder that there was confusion arising - do we push up or let it all hang?

Push-up bras can provoke various emotions, ranging from increased confidence and an appreciation for their feminine effect, to concerns about embarrassment or a feeling that they are making you 'fake’ it.


Confidence and Femininity

There is a large percentage of women who love wearing push-up bras because they give them the body-confidence they strive for. A beautiful and well fitting push up bra can help a woman to feel comfortable wearing styles of clothing (such as plunge neck-lines or strapless dresses) that they wouldn't feel comfortable wearing without some kind of bra underneath. By having a sensational push up under their killer outfit their confidence is assured, and this makes them feel amazing.

Push-up bras are often just worn for that special occasion dress or outfit - which can make the underwear feel just as special as the outfit. With the breadth of styles on offer, both on the Little Women website and elsewhere for bigger cup sizes, the opportunity to embrace your feminine side is broadened enormously. From lace to beautiful colours and styles, the lingerie you choose can reflect you as a person and help you to convey the image you want the world to see.



That said, some women are not wholly comfortable with push-up bras because they are unhappy with the effect that they create. For example, our digital marketer, Katie, feels that they do not suit her natural clothes style of baggy, casual tops and wearing a push-up bra would not suit her style but would also take her appearance out of her comfort zone. Similarly, Katie puts across the very valid point that by wearing a push-up bra attention is drawn to her petie frame and lack of boobs - not quite the effect that is required! For those who see her every day at work or socially, her fear would be that someone would notice the 'change' in her silhouette, causing at best comment and at worst, embarassment.

Here at Little Women, we maintain that regardless of your size, body shape, skin colour or anything else, for that matter, you should always be confident with who YOU are. Whether you are completely confident in wearing push-up bras, or the thought scares you to death, we support you in your choice of lingerie.

The Little Women Team