The Politics Of Bras

I’ve been thinking about bras and, to a lesser extent briefs, for a while now. Not that I wouldn’t, being the owner of an underwear company, but from a slightly more philosophical perspective.
B.Tempt’d Lace Kiss Bralette and Brief
I was thinking about the messages that underwear companies convey to women about their size. You get underwear companies that imply a small cup sized lady is only interested in boosting her bosom to be something that quite frankly it’s not. And if you are small cupped then you cannot possibly be interested in a bra that serves any other function, like modesty or even fashion. It’s quite an anti-feminist stance in my opinion.

Whatever assets we’re given we can choose to do with them what we will, surely? No one is inadequate in any way and certainly not on the basis of their bra size. If a lady is comfortable being slender of boob then brilliant – buy a bra if you want, and buy a bra that fits you and you like. If you feel inadequate in some way by your small cup sized bosom then sure, go ahead and do what makes you feel good, whether that includes chicken fillets, gel boost bras, double cookies in the cup – it’s all
 After Eden Double Boost Lace Braperfectly ok, as long as it’s YOU choosing what you do with your boobs. And if on a Monday you want a modesty bralette which enables you to wear a sheer blouse or t-shirt then great. And if on Tuesday you feel that you want to have an enhanced cleavage for whatever reason, then get your gel boost bra out and knock ‘em dead. Just don’t be persuaded that you are anything other than perfect by anyone else. Especially an underwear retailer who peddles the message that your natural assets aren’t adequate.