Summer Lovin' has me a... Panda? LW Guide to Ridding those Panda Eyes

First off, you go Glen Coco! July is here! Summer nights with friends, food and the odd cocktail is wonderful isn’t it. The suns been shining, the nights are warmer, and they go too fast! As much as we all love having a ruddy-good time, the effects on our skin can be traumatic

– No, you’re not a drama queen!


So, what can we do about it?


This month’s facial is going to focus on both making the products and how to correctly massage our Faces and stimulate Lymphatic Drainage to get rid of these Barada Morgana Totes under our eyes. 

What will I need?

  • Sweet almond Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Grapes 
  • Flour

Step 1

To Start, take your cleanser and perform two cleanses, one to remove the superficial layer of dirt, the second to remove impurities, bacteria and dirt found in our pores and trapped underneath within a layer of Dead Skin Cells.

Step 2

Once this has been removed and you have fresh, clean skin, take about 10 Grapes,  a drop or two of Jojoba Oil and a tablespoon of flour. Take the paste and apply this to your skin.

This gentle exfoliating masque will aid the removal of dead, dry skin cells by harnessing the gentle acid in grapes and unveil your glowing, fresh complexion whilst Vitamin E helps your skin retain the moisture it needs to stay hydrated.

This can stay on for up to 15 minutes, but your personal sensitivity will help you gauge the time you need. If you feel any irritation remove with lukewarm water immediately.

Step 3

Wiping away your Grape Paste should leave your face feeling fresh and a little bit tingly, take your Sweet almond or Jojoba Oil and apply a few tiny drops to your finger tips. I always like to add a few drops of my Eye Serum for enhanced results! As a Beauty Therapist, I am always learning and enhancing my skills and, one of my Go-To Gurus is the lovely Abigail James - "The Queen of Skin"

I have added in one of her fantastic and easy to follow guides on how to correctly de-puff those bags! 

Once completed, go in with your serums, moisturisers and SPF and be on your way!

You Glow Glen Coco