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Self Cleaning Bra


So ladies, just how often do you wash your bra? And, would a self-cleaning bra be welcome in your lingerie drawer?

Never let it be said Little Women are not a forward thinking, cutting edge business with an eye for what the future will bring for women.

Today’s multi-tasking woman are juggling busy lives and we felt duty bound to help them. So, this April we’re announcing the latest invention out of our Lingerie Innovation Lab – the world’s very first self-cleaning bra!

little women blogs

Our bra doesn’t even bother to alert your smartphone - it just does the cleaning itself!

 So why invent a self-cleaning bra?

A recent Twitter poll by user, Hayley Hall, showed that 27% of those polled washed their bras after a few weeks, and 10% after a month. Only 10% washed their bras after one wear.

How often should you wash your bra?

We recommend every 2 to 3 days for best fit, as well as cleanliness. We also recommend hand washing as a bra is a delicate item – and hand washing can also

prolong the life of your washing machine where old bras might shed their wires mid-wash and break machines. So, that’s where we got all inventive and inspired and decided to take the bra to the next level with the Squeaky Clean Bra!

little women blogs

Wave goodbye to the hand-wash!

 So how does the Squeaky Clean self-cleaning bra work?

We’ve adopted and amalgamated the very latest technology into our self-cleaning bra. Everything from Ai sensors detecting the number of wears, temperature and odour to specialist fabric detecting when garments need refreshing, via our unique ionic cleaning sensors. When the sensors flag it’s time for a refresh, the ionic threads, interwoven with a silk and satin mix fabric, emit ionic pulses that zap bacteria and restore freshness to the bra. This is state of the art lingerie!

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 What our lab technicians say about the self-cleaning bra

“We’re delighted that the Little Women innovation team has delivered such a ground-breaking and practical innovation in the Squeaky Clean bra. We understand that our customers have very busy lives, and sometimes it’s just not feasible to factor in a thrice-weekly hand-washing session.

little women blogs

 We take science very seriously!

“The result, however, is that many women are washing their delicates after 10 or so wears – this isn’t great for the fabric or fit of the bra and can also increase levels of bacteria in your clothes.”

 “We’re always innovating at Little Women, and recently launched our Pearl bra which has been designed especially for women with smaller cup sizes – it offers natural looking lift and cleavage, even for the smallest sizes. We expect our Squeaky Clean bra to be as big a hit as Pearl.”

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By Kelly Rogers

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