Say Goodbye to Confusion!

Say Goodbye to Confusion!

It's officially hit February; you know what that means? Valentine's Day is on the way!

Here at Little Women - the small-cup bra specialists - we believe that buying for your other half, regardless of their AAA, AA, A or B cup size, should not be a mammoth task to tackle.

With our guide, never again will you feel that bead of sweat across your forehead as you dive into the world of lingerie. With our guide to buying the right underwear for your beloved you'll be an expert in no time!

Here are top 5 tips for finding that perfect garment for your significant other:

1. Know her size:

man checking bra size gif

Aesthetics aside - if you don’t know her bra size, no one will come out a winner. There are two elements to this: the cup size, and the back size. The cup size increases by letter (AAA is the smallest, then AA, A, B etc). The back measurements are the number. Examples include 32AAA, 34AA, 36A, 38B.

2. Look what she already owns:

 Triumph Amourette 300 WHP Bra

Does she like lace? Are nude colours more her preference? How about strapless? Chances are, your other half already knows what she likes, and more importantly, what she doesn’t. If you can, pay closer attention to the style she currently wears; choosing something that is similar yet with points of difference will give you a better chance of getting it right.

We couldn't get by without suggesting the Little Luxuries range on our website - it's a carefully curated collection of exquisite upmarket lingerie that offers some stunning pieces that she - and very possibly you - will love. Find the perfect set in no time!


3. Favourite brand:

little women lingerie

Does she have one? If she does, this will be a fab place to start your journey into the land of lingerie. We offer a wide selection of collections and brands, so take a sneaky peek in her lingerie drawer and see if you can find her favourite brand on the site;

4. Will she find it comfortable?

lace bralette by b.tempted

You’ll no doubt score brownie points if you buy your partner something that looks elegant yet is comfortable too. Go in with the mindset of ‘will she wear this again?’ If she doesn’t feel comfortable; if the garment is that little bit too tight for everyday use afterwards, if it points towards the parts of her body that she would rather it didn’t; don’t expect another wear out of it. Whilst some lingerie pieces are just for special occasions, the majority are created to be worn more than once.

5. Trust your instinct:

serenity black bralette

At the end of the day; you know your partner. You know whether they prefer pink, nude or black lingerie. Or, if they are a fan of lace over cotton. If you think they’ll enjoy wearing the set you have chosen for them, then be confident in your decision.

What are you waiting for - buy the perfect present here today.

Keep calm, trust your instincts and good luck!

The Little Women Team x

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