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REAL WOMEN – Interview with Samantha Dewhurst

REAL WOMEN – Interview with Samantha Dewhurst

Samantha Dewhurst is a 24-year-old blogger and fitness enthusiast from Manchester. She recently appeared on ITV’s Survival of the Fittest where she competed on the girls’ team, and amazingly the girls’ team won! Since then, Samantha has been busy, as expected, with public appearances and brand collaborations along the likes of Miss Pap &

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She now has an incredible Instagram following of 70.1k which is rapidly growing! Samantha regularly shares her fitness activities, posting her workouts and sharing tips on how to grow the bootay! We had a chance to sit and chat with the beautiful Samantha, to ask some questions…

LW: Do you have a favourite quote that you live by?

SAM:Mind over Matter’

LW: Who is your style guru?

SAM: Lissy Roddy

LW: How do you practice/celebrate self-love?
SAM: I learn from my mistakes and I allow myself to understand that we are all human, every individual goes at different paces, therefore it is important to maintain an understanding and nurturing attitude towards yourself and to other people. Negativity is something which can be avoided, it’s just about learning what makes you happy, because in essence, the happier you are, the more you will love yourself.

 LW: How do you stay positive in and out of the gym?
SAM: I always focus on ME wherever I go. I do not let external factors affect my workouts and my motivation. I praise myself for coming so far and I always take pictures to showcase my journey therefore enabling me to stay positive throughout. The feeling you get during and after working out also enhances your ability to love the gym and maintain positivity with training.

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LW: What is your biggest life achievement so far?

SAM: Winning ITV2's Survival of the Fittest, 3 weeks of enduring challenges and I beat the boys in the end which is a massive achievement for me.

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LW: What would you say to young girls who are body conscious due to their small boobs.

SAM: We are all on this planet to live and breathe and be amazing humans, the external factors we have such as boobs and minor other details are assets which we should be proud of no matter what shape or size. To be a woman is an empowering as it is, we should all appreciate the beauty of being a woman! I love my small boobs and I would never change them for the world!

LW: What is your favourite style of bra and why? (Push-Up, Bralette, Multiway etc etc)
SAM: I love simple bra's as I love basic clothing! Push - ups are beautiful too but I do believe the type of bra depends on what your wearing too!

LW: Do you think that there is a gap for body positivity on social media, for women with small boobs to be celebrated/noticed more? (As currently there is a vast momentum with plus size models and diversity.

SAM: There is definitely a gap for women with smaller boobs, curves are brilliant but so are petite women with petite frames (which comes with smaller boobs ?) I think there's a lot of types of clothing out there which actually look better with smaller boobs, like basic tees, dresses with side boob showing and leotards/bodysuits look way classier with a smaller boob!

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LW: Whilst you were in the lodge on ITV Survival of The Fittest – what did you most miss about the ‘outside’ world?
SAM: I missed my family friends and music, music enables me to focus on myself on concentrate on my own goals! Family is so important to me there constantly around to uplift you and make you feel warm no matter the situation! Families have a real connection with your soul and that was something I didn't sense in the lodge. Unfamiliar surroundings.

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