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 We’re a supportive bunch here at Little Women central. In fact, it’s our job to quite literally ‘support’ our smaller boobed sisters – not just with beautifully designed, grown-up lingerie for the more petite figure, but in promoting body confidence and denouncing trollers (just see our Small Boob Icon blog series for details!)

But we also know how New Year is a time of good intentions, of looking to the future and making positive changes, of considering one’s health and… yeah, yeah, enough already. So, you’ve pigged out on Quality Street, eaten your own body weight in cakes, puddings and ice-cream and drunk enough sugar-laced alcohol to float a boat. Now you need to fight the bloat with a little help from our very reasonably priced sports bras.

If your calendar looks like this, you need our support! And maybe check out your fitness plans with your GP too

New Year Resolution 1 – join the gym

Many a person has joined the gym in January only to be scuttling past its doors, head covered by a scarf by mid-February. Even the monthly cost is often not enough to keep people going. Instead, think of it as a place to meet hot men, so ensure you look good from the get-go. Our Sportjock sports bra comes in a rainbow of colours, helping you to stand out to any suitable sports Jocks nearby! Incentive indeed, ladies.  The Sportjock bra also won 2 out of 3 available awards in the Sports Bra Awards 2018 making them award winners for 5 years in a row.

The Sportjock bra comes in 9 colours

New Year Resolution 2 – go running

We’re not talking ‘late for work and the bus is already at the stop’ type of running. This is serious, get in the park and run miles. Plural. Obviously, you’ll need to build up your stamina over time, but you’ll also need a good supportive bra that has multi-way straps, so it can be worn under any sports gear and/or vest tops. The Triumph Triaction sports bra comes in two colourways and is a super-comfortable sports bra for all sporting activities. We hope the name inspires you to triumph with your goals.

Go on ladies, Triumph!

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New Year Resolution 3 – join a yoga class


Ommmm. Ommmm. It’s not that we’re umming and awwing about this resolution; we’re just practising our chanting. And the mantra for new year yoga resolutions is ‘be warmed’: you are about to enter a room with other women who can already put their legs behind their heads without breaking bones or wind and who look great. So, get yourself kitted out in something functional and flattering. Our B.ACTIVE sports bra is simply gorge with its mesh detailing. Team with some yoga pants and you’re ready to get your chakras in order.

New Year Resolution 4 – Forget the excuses!

“I don’t have enough time”, ‘The kids/job/wine drinking takes up all my energy”. Stop! We’ve heard it all before… in fact, we’ve said it all before. There is a workout you can do at home in just 15-20 mins 3 times a week that’s like doing an hour’s gym session. What is it, we hear you cry? A kettle bell – and yes you might cry the first few times you use it as your muscles will ache, but it gives a whole body work out in minutes. Any of our sports bra ranges will suit this activity high impact, but get some advice before you buy and try from www.kettlebells.co.uk, who deliver for free across the UK and are leading experts on how to get the best from your bell safely.

Get the kettle bell on!

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It’s good to be healthy – it can prolong life and it certainly keeps you looking good. Just like our bras. And this is yet another occasion where being smaller in the chest department is a definite boon. Like we said at the start – we’re here to support you all the way, be it supportive bras or supportive words. Good Luck and Happy New Year to you all.

By Kelly Rogers

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