Mothers Day - ways to pamper your mum (or missus)


OK, so your mum or wife has everything - she has you after all (cough…. ahem) but Mother’s Day is HER day so give her a special treat.

Unsurprisingly, we at Little Women are, well, women – it’s a kind of ‘does what it says on the website’ type thing! We’re also wives and mothers and know that come Mothering Sunday we’ll be inundated with gifts – (WON’T WE, FAMILY?)

But we’re also retail experts with more knowledge than most about women, so we thought we’d give you a hand to get the perfect gift for the lady in your life for Mother’s Day 2018. And just to make it uber-simple we’ve even broken the gift guide down into Mother’s Day Gifts for Mums and Mother’s Day Gifts for Wives.

We recommend you send this blog to the man in your life, your brother or your father so he can show his appreciation appropriately.

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Don’t let your mum be a minion – cook the dinner AND do the washing up!

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for Mum

 Mum’s love chocolates and flowers for Mother’s Day

You can’t really go wrong with chocs and flowers – something to eat and something lovely to look at… and as long as those two things don’t get mixed up it will all go swimmingly. Not the most original of gifts, but if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

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Don’t forget the Mother’s Day card

“Oooh what lovely words!” remember your mum saying that with a tear in her eye? Well don’t disappoint and scrimp on the sentiment – mum’s really do mean it and they squirrel away those cards forever, y’know. Make sure your words mean the world to her.

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 Comfort takes precedence

As mum’s get older they’re less enamoured of things like glitzy tops and fancy shoes – they want comfort. And that’s where we can help

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If you forget Mother’s Day, save yourself

It’s 6pm on Mothering Sunday. You suddenly realise you’ve completely forgotten. Get smartened up and head to mum’s poste haste - “Surprise! Mum, you’re always cooking and washing up for everyone else, so get your glad rags on; I’m taking you to dinner!” Phew, that was close.

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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for Wives

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The morning joys of the mother of young children

The gift that goes on giving

We’re just gonna cut to the chase, lads. Buy her the gift that keeps on giving (to you) and get some lingerie from our fab ‘n’ sexy new collection! Then you get to ‘embrace the lace’ too.

Please note: you are likely to get less than you bargained for in the bedroom and a barrage of abuse if you present this gift to mothers with kids under 10, who spend all day running around and half the night awake.

Read our blog about how to buy lingerie for women

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I don’t really like wine…. I don’t!... Really!

Bath, massage, bed

Times can be tough and money tight, but that’s no reason not to spoil your wonderful wife with a Mother’s Day gift under a tenner. So here’s our perfect Mother’s Day recipe:


love and generosity


Give kids tea - early

Run a hot bubbly bath (for her, not you!)

Pour the wine

Allow to soak for 30 mins

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Once soaked and dried, massage her shoulders and back until she falls into the best sleep she’s had since before the kids arrived.

Oh, and this is not fairy tale boys, so don’t expect a happy ending – this is all about her, not you!

Here they come – the super-mums

Be the babysitter

Make the ultimate sacrifice and stay in while she parties with the girls. It’s not long since Valentine’s Day so you’ve had your romantic night together, now she needs to let her hair down with her super-mum chums.

And finally, the ‘usual suspect’ gifts for Mother’s Day

There is a reason why chocolates, flowers, jewellery shoes and handbags work well as gifts. ‘Cos us women like them! As long as they come with a bit of thought and not last-minute panic-buying we’re happy. Make our cup overfloweth with a handwritten card full of praise, thanks and love and we’ll be tickled pink this Mother’s Day.

In life we only have one mum and for you, she’ll be the best mum that ever lived. So, make the most of her, spoil her and tell her how much you (and the kids) love and appreciate her. Life’s too short not to.

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By Kelly Rogers

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