Weddings really are something to get your knickers in a twist about! But let us expertly guide you in your choice of wedding lingerie to ensure that twisted knickers remain entirely metaphorical.

There’re the flowers, the catering, the dreaded seating list, in fact every list seems endless and don’t even get us started on the bridesmaids. However, there is one area where you can completely rely on the Little Women style team.

When it comes to what to wear under a wedding dress we are the bridal underwear specialist for women of smaller boobs. So, when it comes to vamping up your wedding night you need look no further.


A red-hot autumn wedding, no need to swelter in oodles of nylon netting

Lingerie for under white wedding dresses

A honking great black bra under a white wedding dress is of course a no-no, as is an old, much-worn bra the colour of a dishrag. Every bride knows that. But what is often overlooked is that the lingerie under your actual wedding dress is unlikely to be the lingerie that will play a starring role on your wedding night. Most brides either have another outfit for the evening-do, complete with new lingerie, or opt for a quick change into something much less comfortable and raunchier when they arrive at the bridal suite.

Lingerie for under strapless wedding dresses

If your wedding dress has a built in bustier or corset then opt for comfort all the way. We have plenty of strapless bras or bras with removable straps that are comfy and supportive. If your dress is a less engineered affair then one of our bustiers will give you all the support you need. Of course, it will add some oomph to make the groom’s eyes water. They’re also the ideal thing to wear under strapless wedding dresses too.


After Eden Double Boost Strapless Bra in Neutral

Best knickers to wear with a wedding dress

Now, at Little Women we normally refer to knickers as briefs - it’s the modern, polite, professional way. But on your wedding day it is most certainly knickers you want, and sexy ones at that. Again, these knik-nocks probably won’t make it all the way to the wedding night, so they should be comfortable and invisible under the dress.

If you’ve gone for the full-on princess wedding dress with oodles of under-netting VPL (visual pant line) isn’t going to be an issue. Your guests probably won’t even be able to see your feet let alone your knicker-line. However, you may want as much cotton as possible next to your skin. If your wedding dress is more the sleek 1930’s cocktail dress affair, then you’ll want to avoid VPL on photo’s you’ll be showing the family for evermore.

Check out the After Eden Seamless String to ensure your big day is VPL free!

Best underwear for Bridesmaids

This of course depends on the age of your bridesmaids, but if you have teenage ones then you’re in the right place with Little Women! Our specialism in providing bras for more smaller breasts means that your teen bridesmaids (or adult ones with petite bust-lines) can still wear their most desired lingerie.

The Dottie bra and briefs are an excellent choice for your bridesmaids as the bra is cotton lined and extremely comfortable for long days such as weddings.

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Can there be a more beautiful backdrop for a wedding than Mother Nature?

Lingerie for a wedding reception

There’s every chance you’re going to have several drinks too many on your wedding day. This is not because you’re a lush, but you’ll have had a few whilst getting ready, then a tipple to steady the nerves. As the main event at any wedding the bride and groom will never have an empty glass. Waiting staff are told to keep your glasses above everyone else’s topped up. This tends to lead to a certain amount of…. Well, shall we say ‘free-styling’ on the dance floor.

If you want to throw caution to the wind and boogie like a maniac, it’s best done in comfy and robust, yet sexy bra and pants, as it is possible this lingerie will make it to the wedding night. After all the stockings lacy thong and matching bra are for your new husband to leave on the bedroom floor. Certainty not for you to hear a loud twang in the middle of ‘I will survive’ as you gyrate yourself out of them on the dance floor.

Our Perfectly You bra and briefs from our hero range are the perfect combination of sexy, yet practical.

Sexy wedding night lingerie

This is where your lingerie goes from playing the under-study to starring at the top of the bill! So, you’ll want to make it a show-stopper. Sultry, sexy colours are great however, many brides opt to once more don the virginal white, but with the ‘fallen angel’ look. Here’s a selection of our very best wedding night lingerie. Enjoy!

The Sadie bra and briefs are the perfect set for any wedding night due to their tastefully sexy nature.

The Roxy bra and briefs in black is effortlessly sexy due to its bustier style design.

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With that huge selection of wedding day and night lingerie you can’t go wrong. Our perfect mix of comfort and practicability, coupled with sex appeal in spades, will ensure your wedding day underwear is fit for purpose throughout the entire day.

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By Kelly Rogers

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