How to Organise your Lingerie

Ever spent £50 on the perfect bra, then squished it into the same drawer as your 5 pack cotton briefs…? Ladies, it’s time for a good spring clean!

We’ve done our research and we are here to give you the best tips and advice to help organise THAT drawer. So flick the kettle on, make yourself a cup of tea and let’s begin!


Step #1

It’s time for a good sort out! Take all of your lingerie out of your drawers and lay it in front of you, so you can see every piece. Make three piles – one to keep, one to give to charity and one for the bin. Next, go through each bra and brief one by one. Now, you’ve got to be ruthless ladies! If you haven’t worn it in over a year, you will probably never wear it again…

Step #2

Once you’ve sorted through your mountainous piles, it’s time to sort out all the lingerie you want to keep. Make three more piles – one for basic, everyday lingerie, one for your briefs and one for your more luxurious pieces.

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Step #3

Now, it’s time to stick it all back in the drawer. But it’s not that easy…you’ve got to stay organised! Divide your drawers into three, a different section for each category. This will make your life a lot easier and lower the stress levels in those rushed mornings! To keep even more organised, fold all your briefs to make room for your more luxurious pieces. For your everyday bras, try to keep them in colour order, so it’s easy to find them (and also it looks aesthetically pleasing...) To help you with this tedious stage, we’ve pulled together our favourite images off Pinterest for more inspiration and ideas!

Pinterest Inspiration for Little Women Bras

Pinterest Inspiration for Little Women Bras


Walk in closet Inredning

And that's a wrap! From now on, you will have a perfect, organised lingerie drawer. Another thing to tick off your spring cleaning list!

We hope this has helped and remember.. make sure you stick to it girls!

The Little Women Team