How To Contour Your Body

How To Contour Your Body

Contouring is everywhere!

Ever since Kim Kardashian's make up artist revealed that contouring was the secret to Kim's perfect make up applications, brands have been quick to act by releasing thousands of products.

But how many of them work? which products work best? How do you use them? Cream or powder?

And did you know, you can contour more then just your face?

Contouring has been around a lot longer then Kim Kardashian as drag artists have used the technique for decades. Even further then that, black and white film stars would use contouring to add definition to their faces so their faces would stand out more.

The concept of contouring is simple.


What is contouring?

Use a darker colour to push back certain areas and a highlighter to bring them forward. The darker colour will give the illusion of depth and the highlighter will help areas to capture the light.

What products are best and what is right for me?

1 - Consider your product.


A lot of people ask if powder for contouring or cream contour is best. The answer is more complex then that. It comes down to a person's preference and skin type. Think about what products you prefer to use and what works best with your skin. When it comes to body contouring - consider transfer. Make up applied to the skin will come off on clothing with friction. This is less likely to be a problem with powder then cream.

Super product ; MAC Sculpting powders available at MAC PRO in London are perfect for this. Try Shadester and Lightsweep (above)

2 -Choose a light and a dark.


Warm highlighter is wonderful for warming up the skin. Think about how much darker you would like to go. Normally  staying within your skin tone (so warm for warm and cool for cool) but going three shades darker then your normal foundation shade works best. From there you can blend it easily. Going insanely darker with your foundation shade for contour means the more time spent blending.  You can also use concealer for this. It depends on if you want shimmer or no shimmer with your highlighter. Matte concealer will look more natural but highlighter gives a healthy glow.

Super Product: Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder £34 in Warm Glow

3 - Choose your brush!


Although there is a trend for using beauty blender sponges with contouring. There are so many brushes out there that are all fantastic for contouring. The best is to use an angled brush for placing product where you want it to go. These are designed to grip the contours of your face/body and place product. The firmer the bristles then the more product you will add. If you use a large fluffy brush then this will be better for blending. A large powder brush for blending all products is an essential for every day make up.  The size of the brush means the faster you'll get the job done. A large brush for larger areas and a small one for small areas!

Super Product: Real Techniques available from Boots have a variety of shapes and sizes for reasonable prices.

4 - Choose a bra to work with!

Choose the bra that you want to contour around. You will be relying on the shape that the bra gives you to add natural looking contours to.  Try the  b.wowed push up bra to start with before adding contour to the shape.


Shop B.tempt'd Bras




Map out the dark areas. This means creating an V shape where there is a dark area between the breasts and across the top. Then placing an additional stripe of product (cream or powder) under the collarbones. You can feel where your bone is with your fingers before placing the product above and below. Take your fluffy brush and blend the dark areas.

Then apply the lighter product. Apply this to the top of the collarbone and blend. If you are using shimmer then use this only in small amounts. Using a lighter concealer shade then you can apply a bit more. Anywhere you want the light to catch.

Blend! Use either a fluffy brush or a beauty blending sponge to make sure all lines are covered!


But, don't forget - product transfers!

Try this : Soak Lingerie wash to remove any residue left from make up!


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And remember!


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