Meet Cleopatra, one of the stunning models from our SS19 photoshoot! Cleopatra is a professional actress and model, along with many other things. We went behind-the-scenes with Cleopatra to talk confidence, motivation and self-love...find out what she had to say below as well as some behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot!

Little Women Shortie on our model Cleopatra

What a beaut!

You can steal her style with The LittleWomen Shortie.

Name: Cleopatra Wood

Instagram: @cleopatra.wood

 Favourite Little Women bra?

The Roxy

 How do you stay confident?

 By believing in myself, accepting myself and valuing who I am as a person. Many people think that confidence comes from your outer appearance but that's artificial confidence. True confidence comes from the inside and shines out, it comes from how good you feel about yourself as a person, irrespective of your outer appearance - that's true confidence.

We understand you’re extremely busy, how do you stay motivated?

By having an overall purpose behind my actions. Its purpose that pushes you through and keeps you going when faced with challenges. Motivation is fleeting so I never depend on it to keep me going, it's great when it's there but when it's not you have to learn to push through anyway and that's what purpose helps you to do.

 What does self-love mean to you?

Self-love to me means accepting yourself and loving yourself wholly and fully. There never has been and never will be another you and so appreciating and having unconditional acceptance and gratitude for the unique and irreplaceable person that you are, to me that's self-love.

 How would you describe yourself in one word?

Spectacular! As we all are.

 How did you become a model?

The age-old story of being scouted as a teen.

 Number one tip for staying healthy?

There's not one tip I’m afraid, staying healthy requires a combination of eating well, sleeping well, exercising and being happy (i.e. taking care of your state of mind). If you do only one of these without the others, you may be perceived as healthy from an outside perspective but you won't truly be healthy - you need all of them for that and they're all equally important.

Model Cleopatra having her make-up done by our lovely MUA Vanessa before doing her thing!

Cleopatra having her make-up done by our lovely MUA

A little preview of Cleopatra in one of our new styles coming very soon…

This style may look very familiar to you as our Roxy! It is now available in peony.

LW x

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