8 Milan Fashion Week 2017 Trends

Last week the world was watching the penultimate fashion show of the season, Milan Fashion Week. Little Women noticed 8 key trends that stood out above the rest on the catwalk. Today, we are going to show you our favourite pieces from Milan and take a closer look at the most popular trends of AW17.

1. Tailoring/Suits

Milan Fashion Week 2017

This trend is either unconstructed with oversized silhouettes or a cinched waist with an asymmetric hem. Little Women suggest updating your work wardrobe with a blazer of your choosing.

2. Midi/Maxi

Milan Fashion Week 2017

The midi and maxi trend is here to stay this AW17. Mixed with asymmetric hems and long flowing lines. High fashion designers are recreating this classic look with large contrasting fabrics accompanied with standout accessories.

3. Silk

Milan Fashion Week 2017

Silk - a dominant material used at Milan Fashion Week. AW17 is going to be silky smooth with bold, eye-catching, geometric patterns and wonderful contrast colours.

4. Loose & Fluid

Milan Fashion Week 2017

Loose-fitted designs were increasing popular at Milan Fashion Week. These designs are fluid, flared and fabulously androgynous. Be comfortable this winter with an oversized jumper dress or baggy trousers.

5. Trench Coats

Milan Fashion Week 2017

The plain camel trench coat was given a makeover for AW17. Coats will be adorned with either carefully placed winter floral embroidery or minimalist stitch lining. This trend can be accomplished as a DIY project for the sewing-savvy.

6. Long Scarfs

Milan Fashion Week 2017

Long scarves are a must-have accessory this AW. The long scarf will certainly keep you warm on cold winter days. However, this is the perfect example of where fashion and practicality are divided. Fabulous but a tripping hazard for sure!

7. Red

Milan Fashion Week 2017

Burgundy, tomato, candy, crimson. All shades of red were present at Milan Fashion Week. From red boots to skirts, to tops. What we can take away from this is that red coats are going to be a hit this AW.

8. Courdory

Milan Fashion Week 2017

The textile choice of the season is definitely Courdory. Courdory sportswear, jackets, skirts and trousers. This is destined to be a major fashion trend for AW17.

Little Women would love to hear what your favourite trends were from Milan Fashion Week. Tag us on social media using the hashtag #LittleWomenLingerie. Let us know what collections you were drawn to.



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