Design series: The Bralette

The bralette – a non-wired, super comfy, super cute piece of lingerie - is currently enjoying a bit of a resurrection. We love the bralette at Little Women HQ – it’s what most modern lingerie design stems from, and while we love innovative bra tech, we also appreciate classic simplicity.

So – what IS a bralette? It sounds a bit young for me!


Ignore the dainty name, a bralette actually suits all ages, shapes and sizes. Because we’re specialists in small-cup design we love it for its versatility – our lovely ladies can enjoy lacy, frilly, simple, silky, daring or classic designs with ease, and not give a second thought to its non-wired structure. Far from being a young girl’s bra, the bralette has become increasingly popular with women who find underwired or push-up bras uncomfortable, but still want a level of support.


Check out Wacoal’s ‘Embrace Lace’ - it’s one of our best-sellers in gorgeous colour combinations.


Way back in the 1920s and 1930s when the Charleston was all the rage and the fashion was for slim-hipped (oh, but we can dream!), small-cupped gals, the bralette was the sexy lingerie of choice for Flapper girls the world over. Trends change, of course, and the bralette soon had to make way for the voluptuous over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders of the 50s and 60s, but we’re glad to see it making a comeback, and not just with our small-cup sisters!

1920s silk and linen lingerie. Image source -  via The Met Museum HERE

If you’re not a fan of underwired bras, then check out our tips for exercises to perk up your patooties for au natural lift!

 bralette under sheer shirt

Bralettes look great under sheer fabric, or slightly exposed in slashed to the naval v-necks, or the 90s revival of sleek tuxedos and no shirt. - Check out our 'Lingerie Style Crushes' Pinterest board HERE, for more style tips like the image above.


If you’re going for this look then choose a bralette like B.Tempt’d’s After Hours bralette that looks like another piece of clothing, rather than an obvious piece of lingerie.


Celebrities are playing their part in upping the popularity of the bralette – Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Bella Hadid have all rocked a visible bralette at swanky events paired with big skirts, or coupled with a pair of sweatpants (Bella) while popping out for a pint of milk (we’re guessing).

If those gals are championing the humble bralette, then it’s safe to say it’ll be at the top of the style stakes for a long while yet.


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