Best Party Bras


As usual you can rely on the Little Women team for your every boob necessity. As the festive season is almost upon us and the invites to office and Christmas parties pile up, we’ve done a little research to help you with the all-important party outfit – or more to the point, what to wear under it.

So, we’ve put our very best party bra selection through their paces. Under our strict testing criteria of stylability, practicability, and ‘bounceability’ here are the bras that made the grade and shall go to the (snow) ball:

The good all-round dancer

The Naomi is a great all-rounder of a bra. Comfy and supportive in the office, but still low-cut enough to enable you to slip into some slinky eveningwear, this is the ideal bra for those who plan to party straight after work. It’s also pretty enough, (and opaque enough) for any encounters with the office photocopier. Furthermore, it comes with matching briefs…. the bra, not the photocopier!

Naomi bra by Little

Naomi’s always been a great all-rounder

 The show-off dancer

This low-cut bra is shaped to show off as much cleavage as you dare. The Little Women showcase (and show stopping) Pearl bra is designed to give support, lift and a great, adjustable boost, and is perfect to team with a plunging neckline so you can strut your sexy stuff without worries of a wardrobe malfunction or nip-slip. By the way, when we say ‘plunging neckline’ that isn’t a euphemism for continually nodding-off on the bus home after too many cocktails.

The pearl bra by Little Women lingerie

Little Women’s show stopping Pearl bra

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The belly dancer

It seems a shame to hide this bohemian little number under anything – actually, we think it would go perfectly over the top of our divine Grace bra  - add a full and flouncy skirt, plenty of rattling jewellery and nobody’s going to miss you on the dancefloor this party season!

Maison Lejaby Bohemienne Bralette

Maison Lejaby Bohemienne Bralette - top or bra? You decide

The burlesque dancer

Another bra that could be worn as a top, and wouldn’t look out of place on Dita Von Teese, is the Charades Crop Bra. Do be sure to wear another of our beautiful bras underneath though, or you’ll catch your death…. and everyone else in the party will catch an eyeful!

Charades Crop Bra by Mimi Holliday

The private dancer

The Dodgem Triangle Bra is perfect for those who have a partner to go home with, after all, why should the dancing stop at the party? Don this little raver and you’ll be bumping and grinding all night long! We suggest this bra might not be ‘photocopier ready’.

Dodgem Triangle Bra by Mimi Holliday

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We’ve bounced and jived, waltzed, break danced and moonwalked all week long, so we hope our hard work on testing has paid off. But if your dancing fits into the more ‘exuberant’, even ‘sporting’ category, you might just be safer and avoid A&E with one of our delightful sports bras.


All that remains is to wish you all a fabulous time at your office or Christmas party. Raise a glass to us, your small boobed sisters!

By Kelly Rogers

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