5 Reasons You Should Wear Lingerie For You & Nobody Else

As we are immersed in the fashion and lingerie industry on a day to day basis, we can't fail to notice that the majority of adverts and marketing messages out there are focussed towards the fact that you should wear lingerie for the enjoyment of others. After all in the words of Edward Bernays 'Sex Sells'! But here at Little Women, we think dressing up for another person is fantastic but the majority of the time our underwear is something that we have to wear on a daily basis. So, why not invest in something a little luxurious in order to show yourself some love every day?

So, here are our top five reasons why you should wear lingerie for you and nobody else:


One: To Feel Beautiful

We all have that one outfit that makes us feel ready to take on the world (and if you don't, go out and get one now!)

So, why should our lingerie be any different?  Make a decision to wear lingerie that is beautiful that fits well and is also comfortable, and every day you will start the day feeling beautiful - a feeling that will hopefully last the whole day long.  Searching for the perfect lingerie that suits your body and makes you feel amazing can really help you to have a positive body image - and we are all for that!


Two: Boost Your Confidence

When you feel beautiful your confidence is boosted and wearing beautiful lingerie when you are going food shopping, to work or just walking the dog will give you self-confidence that other people won't be able to put their finger on. Wearing lingerie that you love and that makes you feel amazing is both empowering and a little thrilling - and who doesn't want to feel that on a daily basis?!


Three: Boost Your Wardrobe

When you are wearing beautiful well-fitting underwear it will lift, shape and smooth you, allowing your clothes to fit you better - which again is a great confidence boost for you.

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Four: An Air of Mystery

Imagine how you will feel knowing that lurking under your tee-shirt and jeans, or shirt and pencil skirt, is a set of beautiful and luxurious lingerie that makes you feel amazing? Knowing something that no-one else knows is sure to give you an air of mystique.


Five: Touch of Romance

Wearing beautiful underwear not only signals that you love your body and take care of yourself but is also confident - and this will have an impact on our personal life as well. Investing in your feminine side is always attractive, and will add a touch of romance to your life. Taking the time to shop for luxurious lingerie for yourself shows that you are not afraid to spend time on maintaining a level of comfort of your own body and that you are not afraid to show it off if you feel the urge.