4 Reasons Our Autumn Sale is a MUST Visit

It’s finally upon us! The Little Women flash sale is here and there is plenty of choice across our jaw dropping range! Whether you’re looking for that fresh new style or a delicate, sexy number, there will be a product waiting for you! Are you ready to treat yourself? Is life ready to begin again? Let’s take a look at 4 reasons you should be excited about our flash sale!

Preparing for Winter
Let’s be honest, none of us would be too excited at the prospect of wearing LESS in Winter as the temperatures drop, however times are changing and contemporary designs and modern classics now use MORE fabric within bras than seen in previous eras. This not only allows an increased feel of enhancement and support but also a feeling of warmth and comfort. Let us not forget that Winter brings us the festive holidays too! This is the perfect opportunity for you to stock up on those gorgeous red, white and black coloured pieces. May we recommend our best-selling Black lace Little Women Louise Bra?
Little women Louise bra
Perfect with knee high socks to avoid the chill while maintaining that sultry style.
Treat Yourself After a Tough Summer
Summer 2020 was difficult for us all for obvious reasons. Our lives have been restricted and with that, our opportunities to express ourselves and be social have been extremely limited. Thankfully, as we move into Autumn, restrictions across the world are beginning to ease up and we’re beginning to see life as we knew it before. As we venture out into the world again, meeting our friends, our partners and being able to show ourselves off again, why not go all out and make you the best you can be. Our recommendation would be our glamourous Little Women Shelley Bra!
shelley bra
Back to School/Work
Autumn normally means one thing for many of us – the kids are heading back to school! Say hello to freedom and relaxation once again! To celebrate getting your days back to being your own, now is the time to stock up on the bras you need to do your day to day activities in the most comfortable manner possible. If you’re finally heading back into a working routine also, make sure you get that bra that will consistently keep you supported and happy! Life is beginning again and we recommend our Sloggi EverNew Lace Top to hit the ground running in style!
Pricing/Saving/Niche product
We all want to grab ourselves a bargain, especially a bargain that we can claim the benefits of consistently for a long period of time. This has never been more of the case than right now in 2020, when many need to make their money last much longer than normal. Have you been spending too much money on bras that are either the wrong fit or didn’t last as long as you’d expect? We have plenty of recommendations including our Little Women Frankie bra to keep you consistently supported and comfortable.
If you’re ready to grab yourself a stylish bargain or ready to prepare yourself for a comfortable and supported rest of year, the Little Women Lingerie Flash Sale is a must! Make sure you check out our collections, our brands and our new stock and avoid missing out!
little women flash sale