14 Different Bra Styles Every Woman (and Man) Should Know

14 Different Bra Styles Every Woman (and Man) Should Know

Padded Bra

The go-to bra for women with small busts, a padded bra will add fullness and volume to your breasts while giving them a rounder shape. Different levels on padding are available. Our choice of padded bra is The Little Women Pearl Bra.


T-Shirt Bra

A bra that can be worn under a T-Shirt and stay invisible as a result of its smooth and seamless cups. A great choice of bra to be worn under tight fitting clothes. Our choice of T-shirt bra is Triumph Body Make Up Bra


 Push Up Bra

A push up bra is extremely useful in any lingerie drawer aand creates the appearance of enhanced cleavage. The padding in the cups  pushes the breasts inwards and upwards, towards the centre of the chest. One of our favourite push up bras is the After Eden Two Way Boost Lace Bra


Plunge Bra

A plunge bra is known for its deep ‘V’ shape neckline.  The plunge bra is a great choice when it comes to wearing long dresses and evening wear. One of our current plunge bra favourites is the Little Women Lulu Bra


Multiway Bra

A multiway bra is very popular these days as it so customisable and can be converted into different styles. Typically you should expect to be able to wear your multiway as a strapless, halterneck, cross strap and normal configuration. Owning a multiway bra gives you full creative control with its range of wearability options. Our favourite multiway offer is the Little Women LILLIE Multiway Bra



A bralette is a non-wired bra that normally comes without moulded cups. They normally have thin and lacy straps and are a go-to for women with smaller chests. We're really impressed with the new sloggi Go AllRound Bralette


Balconette Bra

Unlike a push-up bra, the balconette enhances the breasts while pushing and lifting them higher.. Its wider cup design creates the appearance of an upwardly boosted bust and one of the best we have found is the Little Women Poppy Bra


Front Fastening Bra

The bra for those that don’t want to faff about fiddling with hooks round the back. An easy to wear bra that fastens – as you might guess – at the front of the bra rather than the back. We're currently loving the Little Women Louise Bra


Bandeau Bra

A bandeau bra is an easy to wear, thin bra that is typically stretchy, without straps and hooks. Popular with women with smaller breasts a bandeau offers comfort and modesty under any strapless or strappy top. We really recommend the sloggi Zero Feel Lace Bandeau


Sports Bra

A sports bra is typically worn during more active times as it provides more support than most bras due to its sturdiness and durability. They minimize the movement of breasts during exercise, reducing discomfort and stress on the breast tissue. It's a myth that small boobed ladies don't need a sports bra during exercise as even the least amount of physical exertion without support can have a negative effect on your bust! This award winning sports bra is our sports bra of choice - the Sportjock Bra


Teen Bra

Although teenagers can be a little shy about discussing their underwear, it's important to be able to have that conversation with a young lady and knowing what to recommend her is a real parenting advantage.  It's important the she picks the right bra to support her developing bust but also one that offers comfort too. In our range of teen bras we recommend a twin pack where one bra is really plain - ideal for under school uniform and when changing into PE kit, but the second bra is more fun for wearing at the weekend or when out of school.  Perfectly delivered as a two pack that ticks these boxes, we recommend the Royce Sweet Violet Bra


Non-Padded Bra

A non-padded bra is exactly what it says – a bra without padding. Often chosen by customers who don't need their bra to offer much more than comfort. modesty and a smooth line under clothes.  One of the best examples of this is the Triumph Soft Sensation P X T-shirt Bra


Wirefree Bra

Customers are often divided over their preference of wired or non-wired bras although we think there's space for both in most ladies lingerie drawers.  Typically an 'every day' bra, the band does all the work in supporting the bust. However, that's not to say that a non wired bra shouldn't be super pretty and a pleasure to wear. Our all time best selling wirefree bra is the Little Women Perfectly You Bra


Strapless Bra

A strapless bra is able to be worn without straps showing. Perfect for wearing under strapless or skinny strapped outfits where you don't necessarily want to show your bra but still want support under the outfit. Generally speaking these come with underwires to help the band in the supporting department and detachable straps so you get two bra styles for the choice of one. We developed our strapless underwired bra specifically for ladies with AA and A cup sizes and it's called the Little Women Jade Bra


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