10 Trends of Fashion Week

Like most of the fashion world, Little Women's ears pricked up when the likes of Fashion Week came into focus.

It’s a week of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’, and new things to learn down every runway.

1. Complimentary Colours


Going back to basics is often the way with the fashion cycle; colours that look visually stunning as well as easy outfits to put together are 2017’s trend.

2. Oh-so-soft Velvet


Velvet is timeless. It is for the luxury, for those special occasions, and Fashion Week is exactly the place to show it off.

3. Pockets Everywhere

marni - pockets - fashion week 2017

Any women out there will agree with us on this point – the fact that the fashion world has stated that Pockets are IN, can only ever be a good thing. Women’s fashion is known for never having any pockets! We LOVE this new trend.

4. Fabulous Florals

gucci floral - fashion week

Whether you remember the seventies, or just simply love a bit of Flower Power, then you’ll love this season’s Floral trend.

5. Tweed-errifc!

tweed - Chanel at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 - Details Runway Photos

Tweed brings out everyone’s inner English countryside; think flat caps, clay pigeon shooting and farmers…or in London Fashion Week’s case, think Mulbery walking down the cat walk.

6. Block Brights, Big City

pink and red

Bright colours are this season’s latest trend. The catwalk in London was filled with every pink, blue, yellow and green shade that you can imagine. If it bold, it was on that runway.

7. Big Knits

FALL/WINTER 2016-2017 Missoni

Knitwear is always a top choice, and for the likes of London and Paris, this was no different. From oversized jumpers to turtlenecks. Comfy and on point with the up and coming trends; what more could we ask for?

8. Slogans

dior - slogan tee - london fashion week 2017

Slogans are in big time. One-word, two-word…a whole sentence! Whatever your preference, there is likely to be something out there that you connect with on a deeper level.

9.Big Earrings

big earrings - fashion week 2017

Say goodbye to bags stealing the accessory show; big earrings are on the front line.

10. Modesty is key


Modesty is becoming fashionable again. Those high necklines are absolutely perfect.

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