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2nd February 2019

Treat YOURSELF this Valentines Day!


It’s the 21st century and women can be happy without a partner (really? YES!), so love yourself this Valentine’s day.

Some sage old person once said.

“If you don’t love yourself, you’ll never be able to love others”.

Well, Amen, or rather Awomen to that! We at Little Women never ignore good advice, and so, with that as a mantra we’ve got together and decided that we’re going to make sure we (and you) get what we want on Valentine’s Day, in the right size and colour, and have an evening in or out of our choosing. Remember: to wait means to be disappointed, ladies!

Here are some great ideas on how to have the best Valentine’s day or date in 2019.

You don’t need a date – just treat yourself and your friends

Why no date on Valentine’s Day is a GOOD thing

Stop bawling into that tissue, turn the rom-com off and go get glammed up – you’re going out! Think about it. You might not have a date for February 14th, but if you avoid romantic restaurants and go more cocktail bar or club, then it’s likely that nearly everyone else in said cocktail lounge or club doesn’t have a date either. Happy hunting!

You need pampering before Valentine’s to truly look your best!

A pampering Valentine’s Day

Whether you have a partner, a regular squeeze or a friend with benefits, a lady must look her best and be prepared for action on Valentine’s Day. Waxed, buffed, primped and preened…and with a few cakes and champagne on the side. Go mega and really treat yourself at Champney’s or treat yourself and your mates with a Groupon or Wowcher voucher.

Want sexy undies in the RIGHT size as a Valentine’s Day gift? Then read our Guide to Buying a Lady Lingerie blog… or better still email it to your fella.

Boycott it and ignore Valentine’s Day altogether

Say NO to Valentine’s Day

You could forget about it altogether (agree it with your partner or you’ll be in for one almighty row) and just go out and do something more interesting instead. All over the world there are fun and interesting anti-Valentine’s events such as, The Bleeding Heart Ball, in London – an avant-garde affair indeed. Or you could really get on your soapbox at the Hackney Empire’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Poetry event. Find something local to you and get out there. All the dating apps are doing events and ‘anti-events’ so you’ll be spoilt for choice… of things to do and potential future dates.

Wallow with Valentine’s wine and chocolate

 Valentine’s Day alone

It’s really not a big deal. So, you’re on your own, but next year - next week even - could bring new exciting (attractive) people. Stay in with your fave take-away, wine and chocolate, watch a weepy and cry with sheer abandon…at the film, NOT your single status. You are a strong and beautiful woman and you’ve chosen to play the field or wait for Mr Perfect. You go, girl!

grace satin triangle bra by little women lingerie

Buy your own sexy lingerie this Valentine’s Day!

What did we say back at the beginning of this blog? Hmmm? We said to wait is to be disappointed. Do you really want a latex peep-hole bra and a ball gag as a Valentine’s Day gift? No, course not. You want pretty, sexy,  ‘lacy but racy’ lingerie in your size and a colour you like. So, take it in hand, buy it yourself, cook a nice meal and put yourself on the dessert menu. He’ll love you big time and of course, it will be his turn next year to be so selfless. We’re thinking bling. Win win we call it!

Like this? Read our Six Best Bras blog or how about a lovely bralette set

Whatever you do for Valentine’s Day 2019 and whoever you’re with, have a fabulous time. And we’ll leave you with another sage thought: “All you need is love, but a little chocolate every now and again helps”.

By Kelly Rogers

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