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31st August 2017

#ThrowBackThursday Lingerie Trends


In honour of Throwback Thursday, let's dive into some lingerie history. We're gonna take a look back at popular lingerie trends over the past 100 years until now. Enjoy!


During WW1 fashion became more about practicality rather than style. While the majority of men were fighting the war, women went out to work. With a newfound status as breadwinner, women found a new need for practical undergarments.


The lingerie trend of 1917 -  the brassiere gained mass popularity as women said goodbye to the corset and hello to the bra. There was little time or money to worry about embellishments and frills; this was simplicity at it's best.

1917 Bra

The brasserie was lightweight yet still capable of providing the necessary support and comfort women needed even when working in stifling conditions.

Camisole Top and Knickers

No more heavy underclothes. Knickers became thinner and lightweight thanks to the change in. A simple camisole top became increasingly popular during 1917, especially ones that could button to the knickers. This would often be all a woman wore beneath a lined garment.

1917 Cami and Knickers


The roaring 20's brought a change in attitudes towards beauty and sexuality for women. Thanks to the iconic Flapper Girls, short bobs and athletic figures were all the rage. The female silhouette had to be smooth and curve free, the lingerie they wore would help achieve this look.


1920 Chemise1920 Chemise

The 'step-in' chemise was a popular lingerie trend of the 1920s. Chemises were lightweight, smooth and adorned with beautiful lace inserts and feminine silk ribbon flowers. The chemise would be available in subtle colours such as peach and pale pink.


To achieve the flat-chested look, many women wore bodices to showcase their athletic figure. The flapper girls of the 1920s would refuse to wear corsets because it was so restricting, so the bodice was the next best thing.

1920 Bodice1920 Bodice

The 1920s bodice was adorned with clips down the sides of the legs to attach stockings.


It's all about the hourglass! The 1930s took us full-circle from the boyish straight line figure to the curvaceous hour glass figure. Breasts and hips became glorified and accentuated; the lingerie focus was on defining the feminine figure.

Lastex and Breast-enhancing Bras

1930 Lastex

The 1930s sparked a true lingerie revolution in the form of Latex; Dunlop chemists developed the innovative Lastex. Breast-enhancing bras were worn in conjunction with girdles and elastic fabric panels to create the hour glass look.

Two Piece Lingerie

Here we see the introduction of the sexy two-piece. The silk bra and high-waisted shorts sets flattered the impressive curves of a 1930s woman. The two piece would be available in various colours and prints.

1930 Two Piece


WW2 meant underwear had to be practical but that didn't mean underwear couldn't be sexy. In the 1940s stockings became very popular and sex appeal was on the cards.


Due to the shortages and rationing of the war, women who couldn't get hold of stockings would draw them on to create an illusion.

1940 fake stockings


Corsets became available to every woman. Special corsets were designed for army women during WW2. At the time, the uniform women had to wear only had pockets in the jackets and they would be taken off frequently. The corset had built-in pockets so women could carry their change.

1940 corset collage


Dubbed the 'frilly and flirty' decade; the 1950's lingerie trends returned to glamour. Accentuated busts were revisited and new undergarments emerged.

Baby Dolls

Invented in the 50s, nothing was sexier than a white baby doll slip partnered with red lipstick. 50s Baby dolls are feminine, frilly and oozing with innocence.

1950 Baby Doll

Conical Bra

Conical bras gave women the glamorous sweater girl look which was popularised by many onscreen actresses of the decade such as Marilyn Monroe.

 Marilyn Monroe


An era of freedom and rebellion. Feminist liberation echoed in women's lingerie trends of the time.

Ruffled Lingerie Trends

The 60s celebrated the female form with a playful and girlish. This style could be accomplished with ruffled lingerie. Feathered robes and nightgowns became a popular choice amongst women that wanted to embody this trend.

1960 Ruffle Trend


The 1970s embraced a modern, grown up lingerie. Trends became sleeker and more streamlined than in previous decades.

Natural Bras

1970 Lingerie

There was a rise of seamless underwear in the 70s. It was essential to be able to wear a bra underneath T-shirts giving the impression of no bra at all. Natural flesh tone bras also became popular for much the same reason.


Better known as the power dressing decade. Women would wear suits with oversized shoulder pads, carry briefcases and went along to power lunches. Underneath the power clothing, you'd uncover some of the prettiest underwear you've ever seen.

1980 Pink Trends

Pretty In Pink

This lingerie trend of the 80s was heavily influenced by the media, TV and glossy magazines. Pink lingerie would come in various textures such as satin, silk, and faux fur.


Lace lingerie would range in various styles and colours. Erotic and sensual lingerie was portrayed through lace in the 80s.

1980 Lace Trends


Remembered for its return to the cleavage, 90s lingerie trends celebrated styles and designs of the 1950s and 60s. The 90s also became the era of unshockability.

Padded Bras

90 Wonderbra

The risqué style of the padded bra from the 50s makes an iconic return. The push-up bra became incredibly popular in the 90s with the memorable Wonderbra.


The 2000s is well-known for its bizarre fashion experimentation. Featuring unforgettable styles like double denim, platform flip-flops and velour tracksuits. Unsurprisingly, the lingerie trends of the 00s followed in the footsteps of obscure fashion.

The G-String Trend

2000 G-String

The whale-tail was out of control in the 2000s. Keep your jeans low and your g-string high! That's a lingerie trend that does not deserve a comeback. Pretty sure my g-strings are hidden deep in the bottom of my underwear drawer and that is where they shall stay!


Underwear As Outerwear

Underwear as Outerwear

No longer restricted to the bedroom; a hot lingerie trend of the moment is the underwear as outwear style. The trend that began in the 90s has taken the fashion world by storm over the past couple months.

Let us know what your favourite lingerie trends are by tagging us on social media!



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