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29th November 2017

Small boob icons: Lupita Nyong'o


Of all Lupita Nyong'o movie roles she’s best known for her amazing performance in 12 years a Slave, but she’s appeared in two Star Wars movies and various TV and stage roles, including Chekhov and Shakespeare.


She’s been nominated for many acting awards from Golden Globes to BAFTAs, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, including Best Supporting Actress which she won. Lupita also won that most coveted of acting awards - an Oscar - for Best Supporting Actress, becoming the sixth black actress, the first African actress, the first Kenyan actress AND the first Mexican to win the award. She also writes, produces and directs. Phew!


Amazing trailblazing achievements we think you’ll all agree, but what makes her our small boob icon – beyond being voted (rather patronisingly) number one on buzzfeed as, ‘a beauty who didn’t need big boobs to be noticed in Hollywood’ – is what she’s said and done outside of the movie business. Here’s why:

 Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong'o at the Oscars in a gorgeous diaphanous dress

Powerful, dignified eloquence

At the 2014 Black Women in Hollywood event, Lupita delivered a powerful speech about Black beauty.

“I hope my presence on your screens and in magazines may lead young girls on a similar journey. That you will feel the validation of your external beauty, but also get to the deeper business of being beautiful inside, to see there is no shade in beauty.” She said, later adding, “I never knew that, one day, I would be a paragon of hope in someone else’s life. By just “showing up,” we can serve as an image of hope for someone in despair.”

In our estimations she is living those words – not just saying them.

Not to be dictated to!

Not surprisingly, soon after that speech Lupita was named a brand ambassador to Lancome. She said she was, "particularly proud to represent [Lancome’s] unique vision for women and the idea that beauty should not be dictated."

Damn right Lupita!

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 Lupita Nyong'o Lupita Nyong'o Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong'o is not just a small boob icon – she’s a dress icon. Her dresses show flair and daring and always flatter her petite figure


Proud of her natural beauty


Lupita speaks of natural beauty so well that we’ve decided to let her words do the talking in their entirety.

She said: “As I have made clear so often in the past with every fibre of my being, I embrace my natural heritage and despite having grown up thinking light skin and straight, silky hair were the standards of beauty, I now know that my dark skin and kinky, coily hair are beautiful too. Being featured on the cover of a magazine fulfills me, as it is an opportunity to show other dark, kinky-haired people, and particularly our children, that they are beautiful just the way they are.”

We, at Little Women, know that smaller-boobed sisters are also beautiful, just the way they naturally are!

A resolute NO to the air-brush

Again, Lupita’s eloquence says it all. She hit back at Grazia magazine when they airbrushed her natural looks, saying. “I am disappointed that @graziauk invited me to be on their cover and then edited out and smoothed my hair to fit their notion of what beautiful hair looks like. Had I been consulted, I would have explained that I cannot support or condone the omission of what is my native heritage with the intention that they appreciate that there is still a very long way to go to combat the unconscious prejudice against black women's complexion, hair style and texture.”

Like we said before – powerful, dignified eloquence!

Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong'o in this season’s fashion must-have – a red dress


Bare-faced support for cancer charities

Lupita shared a make-up free ‘barefaced selfie’ on Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness for cancer charities.

All for good causes

Finally, Lupita is highly involved with the organisation Mother Health International, which is dedicated to providing relief to women and children in Uganda, by creating locally engaged birthing centers, bringing attention to an important, yet often overlooked issue. At the 2016 Variety's Power of Women event she was honoured for her work in this field.

Lupita also launched an anti-poaching "hearts and minds" campaign with the organisation, Wildaid, to mark Kenya Wildlife Service's history-making ivory burn on 30th April 2016. She continues to advocate for elephants across the world.

Now if all that doesn’t make you an icon – small boobed or not – we don’t know what does!


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By Kelly Rogers

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