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23rd October 2017

Small boob icons - Keira Knightly


Keira Knightly – the English rose of the silver screen, and one of our all time girl crushes. She’s been called the ‘most beautiful woman in the world’ by her fellow thespian, Sienna Miller, and has championed body confidence for years.

She’s officially one of the Little Women team’s fave small boob icons. Here’s why we love her:

small boob icons little women lingerie

 She refused breast enhancement for The Duchess

 We’re all savvy to the film industry’s use of Photoshop, but when film bosses wanted to digitally enhance Keira’s breasts in the film, The Duchess, she said a firm ‘no thanks’. Aged just 23, she went head to head with producers to insist that her body remain in a natural state.

 “She is proud of her body and doesn’t want it altered” an insider said at the time. Hell yes, Keira!

little women small boob icons

She called out the King Arthur marketing team for boosting her boobs

Yup, what were they thinking? In 2004 the box office smash, King Arthur, was marketed using super boosted images of Ms Knightly. As a result she personally drew negative attention because of the obvious enhancement – she retaliated and confirmed “Those things certainly weren’t mine – I’m naturally who I am”

little women small boob icons

She went topless in Interview Magazine, and refused a retouch

She said: “That shoot was one of the ones where I said: OK I’m fine doing the shoot so long as you don’t make them any bigger or retouch. Because it does feel important to say it really doesn’t matter what shape you are.” We’re with you, Keira!

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little women small boob icons

She’s super honest about the pressures faced by women to look a certain way

 Keira told Vanity Fair: “I think I always disappoint people, because they always expect someone very pretty. Very done. There’s so much pressure to be thin, blonde and busty. I’m skinny, but even I couldn’t fit into some of the clothes there (in L.A.)! In a funny kind of way, I think you create it yourself. I think it’s much better to go with the flow and embrace your body, whatever shape it is, and just be happy.”

 She’s officially a badass stuntwoman

 In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Keira did her own stunts, including a full-on sword fight.

little women small boob icons

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Pearl Bra in Peony little women lingerie

She’s just like us

 How? We hear you cry! The reason we love Keira so much is, that on top of her talent and her beauty she has struggled just like the rest of us. She was dyslexic at school and had to wear special reading glasses; her family has a history of anorexia and as a result she’s a huge advocate for body positivity. She also loves shoes. She’s basically our new BFF.

small boob icons little women lingerie

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