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30th December 2017

Small Boob Icon - Kate Beckinsale



Kate Beckinsale world-famous movie actress and a woman with a DOUBLE honours in languages from no lesser educational institution than Oxford University, is much more than just a pretty face. She is a true fellow sister of the smaller breasted tribe.

From an acting family – the daughter of Judy Loe and Richard Beckinsale of Porridge fame, who died tragically young - Kate has done everything from movies like Underworld, Pearl Harbour and Shooting Fish to adaptations of Jane Austen and Shakespeare’s works. But it’s some of her comments from the film Love and Friendship – an adaptation of Austen’s short novel Lady Susan - that makes her another in a prestigious line of Little Women’s small boob icons.

Kate Beckinsale image

Dump the ‘mental corset’ for beautiful lingerie

Kate made a fascinating analogy from her time working on the movie Love and Friendship.

She said: “We might not have corsets any more, but we have just as much body oppression – you have to become the corset now, when you’re naked. There’s the same amount of mental energy going into trying to make your body do something it doesn’t naturally want to do; it’s an excellent way of controlling women.” - Kate Beckinsale

As analogies go we think that’s a real belter – no waistline puns intended.

Anti-social media hits body confidence

As the mother of a teenage daughter Kate understands well the pressure brought to bear through negative online stereotyping and trolling.

'It's this sort of unconscious way of controlling women to distract them into a kind of self-loathing.'

In fact, Kate is so concerned over body shaming and social media trolling that she only joined social media herself in 2016.

Kate Beckinsale in a plunging dress

Grown up and dignified

Kate has caused (unwarranted) confusion over her ongoing, healthy relationship with her ex Michael Sheen and his new partner Sarah. Kate has responded thus:

“I’m completely open to any other strong, cool, sensitive, independent-thinking women who are going to be an influence in my daughter’s life.” - Kate Beckinsale

If only all exes could be so sensible and supportive.

Kate Beckinsale

Unhealthy messages on body image slow women down

Kate has had plenty to say about the preoccupations of how women look over what they can achieve:

 “Whenever there are strides made in terms of women getting a vote or the pay gap closing, it seems strange that culturally it becomes the vogue to have people emaciatedly underweight or have boobs bigger than their head. It distracts everybody and slows the fight.” Kate recently concluded.

Kate Beckinsale in long silver embellished gown

Kate bang on trend and with a gorgeous clutch bag – read what handbags will be big for 2018

Body Versus Brain fashion cycle

Recently Kate became quite heated on the topic of generations of women seemingly making strides in the right direction, only to have ridiculous fashions trends that undermine those very strides.

She said: "You get the vote, but it means either you can’t have any boobs because you have to be a flapper, that kind of thing…Now you’re supposed to have kind of a ridiculous a** and ridiculous boobs and a tiny waist. Politically, women make big strides it seems to always happen that the fashion becomes very completely unattainable body type." - Kate Beckinsale

We at Little Women refuse to ride that particular fashion cycle!  We’ll keep striding on in the right direction.

Education is paramount

Kate is a supporter of Nestlé's 2012 Share the Joy of Reading Program aimed at raising awareness of the importance of children's literacy.

Well said! And just as well read. And talking of interesting reading - Read more from our small boob icon series – Daisy Ridley  Kiera Knightly and Lupita Nyong’o


And Finally… getting to the heart of the matter

Unsurprisingly, given the untimely demise of her own father to congenital heart disease when she was just six, Kate regularly supports the British Heart Foundation. She’s also a big supporter of breast cancer charities…. Another reason why she’s our latest small boob icon.

Watch out for more in our Small Boob Icon blog series – where we champion the smaller breasted women amongst us!

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By Kelly Rogers

Who’s your small boob icon? Let us know by following us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #SmallBoobIcon #LittleWomenLingeri

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