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21st August 2018



This week sees the MTV Awards with the lovely (and small boobed) Ariana Grande performing, but that’s not the only reason why she’s this week’s Small Boob Icon.

Ariana, known for her role in the Nickelodeon series Victorious and her incredible singing voice – even being praised for having some of the strongest lungs in showbiz! – is also a strong, brave and kind-hearted woman. How could anyone not love her, admire her, revere her for her bravery over the Manchester bombing?

 She’s also a doyenne of proclaiming body confidence, and, as the ultimate supporters of body confidence and independent ladies, the Little Women style team have nominated Ariana to feature in our iconic blog series. Here’s why we love her:

Ariana Grande

Look at them locks!

Big supporter of body positivity and loving yourself!

Ariana once said: “I think the thing that I want to instil in them (her fans) most is that you are loved, and there are so many different kinds of beautiful. You are beautiful today if you have 10 cupcakes, and beautiful tomorrow if you do a juice cleanse. You’re beautiful because of who you are.”

Here at Little Women we are huge supporters of body positivity and diversity and, just for the record, the 10 cupcakes are much more our style than the juice cleanse!

Shutting down the Trolls

Ariana regularly shuts down body shaming trolls on social media too, always reiterating the importance of self-love and spreading positivity.

When one awful troll commented on her Instagram picture saying: “My 9-year-old sister has bigger tits than you”, Ariana quickly shot them back down in response, with: “Spend a lotta time looking at your 9-year-old sister’s tits?”

 We think everyone should be a bit more like Ariana and spread some positive vibes. If you haven’t got anything inspiring to say, then say nothing at all!

Ariana Grande Elle Cover

We’re obsessed with her recent Elle cover! It’s soooo, us!

Layla Ariana Grande

You can get Ariana’s Elle look with our new Layla bra in milk white.

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 A true role model

There is no denying Ariana is one of the strongest and bravest young women in pop. After the devastation of the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017, she got straight back up and fought for what she believed in, from hosting a benefit concert for the victims of the horrendous attack to visiting them in hospital.

Ariana is an amazing role model for women worldwide with her positive can-do attitude and solid work ethic.

One year on she really bee-lives

One year after Manchester, Ariana showed her commitment to the well-being of her fans injured and psychologically scarred in the attack by getting a bee tattoo behind her ear. She posted the inking on her social media pages with the simple epitaph, “forever”.

She also paid tribute to the city, who have the bee as a city-wide emblem, by saying: "Thinking of you all today and every day. I love you with all of me and am sending you all of the light and warmth I have to offer on this challenging day."

Just bee-autiful!

Ariana Grande tattoo

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By Claire Morrison

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