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5th December 2017

Meghan Markle – A style icon in the making


It’s bound to happen. It’s a foregone conclusion. At Little Women we’re just waiting for it. What? The comparisons to Diana, Princess of Wales. With who? Meghan Markle, of course.


Since the announcement that Prince Harry is engaged to Meghan Markle the media has gone into marriage meltdown – a kind of furore meets frenzy. But then so have we! Excited? Much!!! And yes, Meghan is indeed going to be the new style icon of not only the Royal Family, but the world. And here’s why:


Silver suited Meghan

Where to begin but, well, at the beginning… Once upon a time…. No no no not that far back in time - although it is indeed a fairy tale - but with the TV show Suits, which is where many people first noticed Meghan. Here she very cleverly mixes a suit with a dress and then makes it silver. What’s not to like with this quirky styling?

Slinky suit dress suits you Meghan 

Meghan the perfect bride material

This is a girl after our own hearts. She loves white, even choosing a gorgeous white coat for the engagement announcement. We loved her ring too, but for brides it has to be pearls when it comes to the wedding gown, or what to wear under it. Luckily we have the very thing, Meghan.

We’ve got just the ‘white’ thing for our soon to be Duchess!

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Meghan glams-up boho

With such a petite frame strapless can be even more daring. But a light and floaty boho dress is perfect at the regatta or for an evening at Mahiki! Jewellery or a sparkly bag takes this dress from a hot summer’s day into sultry evening wear with aplomb.

Meghan is made for glamour

Meghan is no stranger to glamour, but we think as she goes from red carpet to blue blood we’ll see her hemlines getting longer. A knee-length kinda girl on the carpet she’ll soon be sweeping the floors in the ballroom… with her dress of course, not a broom for goodness sake!

Glamour all the way to the palace

BUT LADIES - There is one fly in the style ointment and one that we are perfectly skilled to help Meghan iron out.

 Meghan’s bra faux-pas

Right now Meghan will be learning all sorts of new etiquettes and trying not to put a foot wrong. So, we’re just gonna tell her like it is - Meghan you made a boob with this classic bra faux-pas! Remember ladies, under dark clothes wear a dark bra, the same colour as your dress or top if possible. If in doubt, go nude…. We don’t mean go naked to the party, but opt for a nude coloured bra which matches your skin tone!

Despite the excitement over the ring, the dress, her future as an international style icon we’d all do well to remember that Meghan is also a smart and sassy woman (as are all our customers and blog-readers). She will have plenty to SAY, as well as wear, and with her humanitarian work set to build we will be watching the Meghan-shaped space with a great deal of interest. Go girl!


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 By Kelly Rogers

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