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24th March 2016

Lingerie Soaking...?


How important is prolonging the life of your lingerie to you? Luckily we at Little Women HQ have the answer to your needs...

Soak comes in four delightful fragrances – Yuzu, Fig, Lacey and Celebration, plus scentless which is perfect for the ultra - sensitive flowers out there! Soak isn’t just for your cozy knits, dirty make up brushes (yes you heard right!) baby clothes and lingerie, it’s environmentally friendly too. With no nasty chemicals added, it's perfect for all you eco-warriors out there. Show your lingerie (and the planet) some love!

It’s crucial to take the correct care of your garments, keeping them sparkling, washing them appropriately according to their fibres and putting them away safely. This will lengthen their life and keep them looking new much longer. The investment you make in your wardrobe is worth protecting. With the use of Soak you can rest assured that your most treasured items stay the way they were when you first fell in love with them.


Soak wash is ideal for your beloved lingerie pieces that can’t handle a heavy machine cycle or the harshness of a traditional detergent... plus handwashing your underwired bras will save them AND your washing machine from damage.  Use Soak every one to two weeks on your bras – they’ll last longer. And if you keep your sets together this will ensure matching colours stay true.

And since summer is just around the corner....

Whether you’re hand washing your laciest lingerie, your cashmere jumper or giving your swimwear a whirl , you can keep them fresh and looking new much longer with Soak!


Email us at [email protected] with your name and address for a free sample!

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