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8th February 2019

Learn how to buy lingerie for your lady


What could be nicer than your loving partner, wife or girlfriend all wrapped up in beautiful lingerie this Valentine's Day? And of course,  one of the great things about buying your lovely lady lingerie as a gift, is that it’s a gift for YOU too! But it can also be a minefield – buy her out sized undies and the only thing you’ll be getting this Valentine's is the cold shoulder.  

So, the Little Women team have put together an expert guide to buying lingerie for a lady. Be  wise, follow our rules and choose well!

 The all-important bra size

Heading to the lingerie department with your hands cupped to ‘demonstrate’ your lady’s size is not only useless, but it’s also going to get you some strange looks. And if you’re buying online then how are you going to type and scroll like that? To get it right you have to do the research. Head to her underwear drawer and take out a bra you’ve seen her wear recently and look at the label. Or to be uber-sure it is indeed her current size, look in the laundry basket.


Bra cup and back size

Bra sizes are broken into two parts: the back size (no, not the backside, we’ll come to matching briefs soon!) and the cup size. The back size is written as a number - sometimes in centimetres and sometimes in inches - while the cup size is always a letter. Our bra sizes start at AAA and go up to a B cup.

Need more bra buying advice, boys? Then read this

Bra engineering

Yep, bras are indeed engineered. They are a functional bit of kit and have an important job to do. Some bras are underwired, some not, some padded, some not and some are even called bralettes. Again, it’s all in the research – go and see what type your lady prefers. If she has a fair amount of all types and styles, then you can choose the style that YOU like best. Oh, what fun!

Bra style

Of course, Little Women only sell the most beautiful lingerie, but every lady has her own individual style. Buy a leather, peep-hole jobbie for a lady who loves delicate lacey numbers and that cold shoulder we mentioned earlier is heading your way. Pronto! Be subtle, show taste…. preferably not just your own, but hers.

Matching briefs

Grace sets by Little Women Lingerie

Another potential minefield that can be deftly avoided with a little research. If your lady is a thong wearer then it’s fine to buy a matching thong to the bra, but if she isn’t she’s unlikely to don it with confidence or pleasure. And if in doubt on size check her jeans and we can help you translate that into hip measurements.

If you get caught rummaging in her underwear drawer try not to look too furtive, it will only give her something to worry about -  just tell the truth and maybe she’ll help you herself! If not, the Little Women team are on hand on email or via our fabulous live chat service to help you get your lingerie shopping spot on this Valentine's. All you need do is ask! 

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Little Women creates beautiful lingerie for women with cup sizes AAA-B. We are specialists in lingerie for smaller cup sizes and have more than 25 years' experience. Take a look at what’s new here, or get in touch with the team today for more information.

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