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9th May 2018




Kate Moss - doyenne of the world of fashion and catwalks across the world - is our latest small boob icon. Here’s why…

Ever the promoters of body confidence and women in general, the Little Women style team have nominated Kate Moss for the latest in our ‘bravellous’ series featuring small boob icons from the silver screen to international fashion houses and publications. Some might say it’s a controversial choice, the lady in question no stranger to controversy herself and she has said some daft things about being thin, to be honest.

Kate’s long been known as a party girl but the reason we’ve chosen her as a small boob icon is due to her recent stance of healthy eating and working out – a total 360 about-turn from her previous lifestyle and ‘silly skinny’ statements. This lady is not afraid to say she’s changed. And good for her!

small boob icon little women

You could slice cake with those cheek bones

Genuinely waif-like

Kate has long maintained that her waif-like figure - especially in her youth – was entirely natural and that, despite the media claiming she starved herself, she scoffed cake and pies like there was no tomorrow… OK, so we over-egged that cake and pies – it was pizza and chips, actually.

Kate said: "I think I was just really young and thin. My daughter's tiny and my mum told me that she too was skinny in her youth. I was like, 'Yeah right, mother' and now that's precisely what my daughter says to me. It's just age, I think.

 “Back in the day when I was modelling they didn’t have proper catering. It was pizza and chips - whatever."

small boob icon little women

 Look after your skin for the perfect canvas

Kate has recently adopted an 80/20 regime when it comes to booze, if recent reports are to be believed. As a lady of a certain age with a modelling career spanning decades Kate knows all too well that the secret of ageing well is looking after oneself, and especially her skin. So, it’s two days with the odd glass of bubbly or whatever her fave tipple might be, then the rest of the week in abstinence.

Better abstinence than rehab, we always say!

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small boob icon little women

 Eating well is essential  for aging gracefully and looking after your skin

 Eat well to look well

Kate’s not only given up the booze (mostly) she’s ditched the pizza and chips of her youth too.

She says: “Food is so important. I try to eat healthily and cook - not as much as I’d like to because I’m really busy, but I cook a good roast and good breakfasts – eggs are my forte. I really enjoy proper food and eat more healthily than I used to. I think as you get older you have to.

 I’ve really noticed a real improvement in my skin since I’ve been more ‘on it’ with food – eating salads and all that stuff. I never used to eat salads very much, but now I’m even juicing!”

 We totally agree with Kate – healthy food is all important and the best beauty tip out there

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Swapped parties for the gym

Kate’s previously been known for painting the town red in Chanel nail polish, but these days she’s partying less and working out more.

“I’ve never been a gym bunny. At all. I was always, like, ‘eurgh’, it made me feel ill, but now I’ve actually started working out and I’m actually quite into it. It’s s new thing for me but I’ve joined a gym and it’s made me feel really good.’

As long as you actually go to the gym - that’s the key, Kate!

So there you have it ladies, from party girl to gym-bunny, from the catwalk to Little Women’s small boob icon. Kate Moss really does have it all with this latest accolade.

By Kelly Rogers

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