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11th January 2017

4 sports bras for AAA to B cups


Sports bras: part of any lingerie lover’s ‘essentials’ collection.

Whether you are a fencing fanatic, a long-distance jogger or prefer the less impact activity of yoga; the sports bra will and should be your best friend. Regardless of whether you are need an AAA AA, A or B cup size, we offer multiple options. Why, in these instances, do you need another type of bra and not your usual go-to bra, I hear you ask?

Ultimately, a sports bra is designed to support you in times of physical activity in ways that your normal bras cannot. The sports bra can reduce the amount of movement your breasts endure.

Here are our top 4 sports bras for small busts;


1. The B.Active Sport Bra - £30.00

Our B.Active bra is a fab one for the fashion conscious who like to still be fully supported, and yet have a choice as to whether to have light padding or not. With four colours, from the basic black to a sassy pink, you’ll be all set to put your best foot forward. The gorgeous mesh detail om this sports bra makes it perfect for any fashionista. 

2.  Royce Sports Bra - £22

Royce sports bra

Temperature Control:

Sports bras are made of specialist material to ensure you don’t overheat, even in summer. The last thing you want on your jog along the river bank is having to stop every five minutes because you are just way too hot. Sports bras are designed to enable you to push yourself to the max during sporting activity.

The Royce Sports Bra is not only designed to incorporate support and comfort, but to control your temperature, too. This non-wired, over-the-head, crop-top style is a perfect sports bra for those who enjoy jogging and exercise that is longer in duration. They are available in sizes for A bras as well as B cup. We would definitely count this as a steal!

3. The  Triumph TriAction Sports Bra - £36

Hard going sportswomen such as those of you who enjoy kickboxing, football or rugby would find the Triumph sports bra ideal. With strong straps, a slick design and lightness yet extreme support; this product is the one to beat! Plus it comes in 2 amazing colourways!


4.  The Sportjock Sports Bra - £28


Soreness, Strain and Sagging: three words that no sporting woman ever wants to hear. Sports bras are the main way to reduce this in physical activity.

To tackle this we recommend the award winning SportsJock sports bra. For any sporting activity - hardcore or gentle, this great bra is perfect for tackling those S words!


Make sure it's comfortable.. 

Of course, you could be fully supported but completely uncomfortable at the same time. The two are not exclusive. The sign of a decent sports bra is that of comfort; after all, you’ll be working out and training in it for potentially extended periods of time. With a lack of underwire and no stringy straps digging into you; sports bras can be the epitome of comfort. Just as you would with an everyday bra, find the one that you feel the most ‘you’ in; if you can’t see yourself wearing it, don’t choose that one.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff:

If you’re a regular at the whole sports thing, then you’ll know that sweating is something you cannot avoid - heck, doesn't that mean it's working? In a sports bra though, this just isn't a big deal. Don't sweat it, as they say!

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