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22nd February 2018

2018's colour palette



Beyond the usual colour palette trends that change seasonally and annually, this year it’s women’s rights movements that are inspiring change beyond fashion.

At Little Women we not only keep ourselves and our designers informed of what the colour trends will be, we also want to understand the inspiration behind them. And this year colour plays a hugely significant role.

It’s as if fashion is being defined by society and where you nail your colours to the mast might just define your principles, because ladies, this is mostly ABOUT and BY us!

image of sufragette

Corsets may have come in handy when grappled about the waist by a policeman

100 years of women’s suffrage

No, were not talking about those uncomfortable and ridiculous whale bone corsets worn by the ladies of the age – although from the picture above it may have saved Emmeline Pankhurst’s internal organs whist being manhandled by a policeman - but of their brave fight to win the vote for women. Their movement’s colours were green, white and violet (Give Women the Vote initials of each colour…fascinating fact of the week) and this year in homage to the Suffragettes, we’ll see those colour combinations popping up in everything from jewellery to high street fashion and individual ensembles put together by women themselves to mark the anniversary. Luckily, we won’t have to wear this particular colour palette secretly, as the Suffragettes themselves did; our Flowery Skye Setrawa bra features all three colours and not a whale bone in sight! Wear it with pride.

Image of Flowery Skye Setrawa bra

Show your support for women in this suffragette inspired colourway, while we support your best assests!

Image of the ‘Time’s Up’ campaign

Back to back and wall to wall black in support of the ‘Time’s Up’ campaign

Back to back black

Usually the red carpets of the awards season are as much of a colour catwalk as it is a chance for the paps to get their images for the next days’ papers. Not this year though. The donning of black for the ‘Time’s Up’ campaign is already rocking the fashion shows and trickling into the high street stores with more black on sale in spring and summer fashion collections than usual. Join in and support them with our gorgeous grace bra and brief set in black satin.

Image of the Grace bra

Our exclusive and unique Grace bra and brief

Image of the Duchess of Cambridge

Was the Duchess of Cambridge wearing emeralds in support?

Seas of emerald green

Previously in our trends 2018 report (download here for FREE) we talked of green being inspired by the macro trend of ‘colours of the sea’, particularly for the spring colour trends – including peach and orange colour combinations inspired by corals - but once again this green fashion trend is gathering more attention from women’s issues than mere fashion. Many of those black Time’s Up dresses have been embellished with emeralds which stand for ‘hope, renewal and growth’. We’re now seeing emeralds being used in the Hollywood fight for equal pay too, and no-one missed the Duchess of Cornwall’s nod to the movement at the Baftas this year with her black belt and bag and fabulous emerald jewellery.

Image of The DASH SHOULDER BAG IN CALF LEATHER from Taylor and Jackson

The DASH SHOULDER BAG IN CALF LEATHER from Taylor and Jackson is the perfect example of the ultra-purple trend

Ultra-Violet for Prominent Purple

There is the massive purple colour palette trend of this year that is not yet linked to women’s movements or the quest for social and professional equality. However, given the vivid nature of the ultra-purple and proliferation of purple colour combinations in everything from luggage and bags to laptop cases and high street fashions, we’ve decided to make our own statement about support for women with the After Eden Double Boost Bra. After all, supporting women is what Little Women does day in day out!



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We may have written this blog with a certain amount of tongue in cheek, but we support entirely these movements for social change and respect for women and their bodies.

We started by writing about the Suffragettes, who, 100 years ago this year, fought for change. Women are still fighting today and more power to each and everyone one of us!

 By Kelly Rogers

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